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The best way that we can describe The Vintage Collection Light Leaks is if vintage film had a baby with a perfect sunset.

Have you noticed lately that all the trendy films have that grainy, vintage feel to them? Film burns, super 8 cameras, and black and white?

Because we sure have.

We love golden hour, and we love that film look. So we created The Vintage Collection Light Leaks to help us achieve both these looks with the same leaks. Warm, soft, and vibrant oranges and yellows that accentuate those sun flares and film burns.

Golden hour? Check. Vintage film reel? Check. 🌅

The Vintage Pack by the team at Runaway Vows is a set of hand-crafted light leaks that are meant to be as easy to use as possible. Drag them onto your timeline, set the opacity to your liking, and voilà! Watch as your shots take on a vintage golden-hour look that clients are guaranteed to love.

Who is The Vintage Collection Light Leaks for? ❓

The Vintage Collection Light Leaks are meant for wedding filmmakers who specialize in creating artsy films for adventurous and experimental couples. If you find yourself filming lots of couples who want handheld, authentic, and candid shots, then they are going to love that you use these leaks.

Do you already find yourself searching in Google: "Free film burn effect"? Then you need these to accompany the style you are going for.

Why The Vintage Collection Light Leaks? ❓

The year is 2022.

But it seems like we are trying to go back to the 80s.

You are currently in the phase of incorporating more film effects into your edits, and you are constantly needing assets to make that happen. This will allow you to make your transitions more seamless, your footage more standout, and your films more inviting.


Here's What You'll Get 📦

• 30 professional-grade, vintage light hits, and transitions

• All Leaks are .mp4 files that drop in seamlessly to FCPX, Premiere, and Davinci

• Discounts on Future Light Leak Packs

See Them in Action 😮


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